Saturday, 18 February 2012

Deer Walk

So I think it's pretty clear from this post here and here that I love Skipwith Common. This morning I went there at 7:30am (- yep am)  to go on a guided deer walk. Nic and Imogen came with me, which was really nice. There was no guarantee that we would see some, but the group got lucky and we caught view of a herd of about 30, including 3 stags - squint  and you can just see the white of them in the distance . OK we were quite a way from them but people shared their binoculars and we got a good sight.

Here are some of the better ones that I managed to get on our compact -

I love this one of the deer and flock of birds.

One the way back the sun came out and the Skipwith colours sprung into all their glory.

To top it off as we were leaving, I spotted a rainbow

A really great way to start off the day. There is something special about catching a glance of animals wild and free.

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