Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Long Way Home

Given the choice Joseph likes to come the 'short way'  home which is in fact the long way home. I have no idea why he doesn't like the actual short way home as it has the smoothest path for his bike. Any how, when it's not freezing cold, raining, windy and if he's been a good boy at school we go the 'short way ' home (which is actually the long way home). Last Wednesday was such a day. Mrs Rodgers came and told me how pleased she was with him, how he'd settled so well after Christmas and he now daily goes and asks her if he's been a good boy. So we went the long way home stopping off for lollipops at the farm shop and a wander round the animals they have there.  The boys love the chipmunks, rabbits and guinea pigs. Joseph kept asking if the rabbits laid eggs. Whe I replied 'No, rabbits don't lay eggs' His response was 'Yes, they do, they lay eggs and then a baby rabbit comes out' Not really wanting to get into a deep discussion about child birth, I changed the subject :)

The owner of the farm shop and nursery is a bird lover so everytime we go there seems to be a different type of bird. Here's Merv the Kookaburra. 

 The two Snowy Owls are very timid and don't  really like the attention.

Nor do the Eagle Owls

The birds from '3rd n bird' are very cute.

It was a day for the extra long route home, Joseph made the choices and we obediently followed.

I love Water Row, the houses are so characterful. Joseph insists on going up and down each and everyone of the ramps.

Wednesday is baking day at nursery. Joseph really enjoyed the 'Spwig woll' he made for Chinese New Year.

Though it was most definitely the long way home, I'm grateful we make these ventures every so often as it makes me appreciate the many lovely aspects of the village we live in. 

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