Sunday, 28 June 2015

The 52 Project 25/52

We had a lovely few hours at East Park in Hull yesterday. The boys enjoyed playing in the park and made friends with another couple of boys sharing footballs, Seth very much in the thick of it. There was the episode of the ball getting stuck in a tree, then many a missed attempt at throwing up a shoe to hit it out, only for a shoe twice to be stuck in the tree as well!! East Park has a small but free animal kingdom with; snakes, goats, wallabies, miniature ponies, nosey sheep, deer ( which Joseph was adiment  were Okipi??? Apparently this type of deer are a stage on Sumdog??) alpacas and a variety of birds including peacocks. Unfortunately the water area is now closed but the boys were appeased with the Kyber Pass with its manmade rock formations perfect for climbing,hiding behind and making one mum feel rather anxious about the numerous 'what if' scenarios it presented. Anyway we came a way unscathed fortunately, and then went to collect Daddy who was visiting a friend nearby. We then got to go out on a date to see Jurassic World which was extremely jumpy and my coping mechanisms (clapping, smacking Nathan on the arm and talking to myself) for such were apparently dramatic, loud, funny and might I add totally called for!! The boys had a great time having a BBQ with the trusty clan of babysitters (G&G,AA,AA & UJ) The had a bike ride to the park and watched half a DVD and to say we left them at already 7 o' clock it is no wonder they were extremely grumpy at church this morning. Worth it though! 

Monday, 15 June 2015

Insta update #4 May ed.

First time ever in a swimming pool! Only taken 27 months! To be fair the swimming pool burnt down before he was born and only just reopened. He pretty much wore this expression the whole session and was extremely quiet! I think he liked it?!

Blossom makes me happy

Saw a deer today!! Always exciting
. #simplepleasures #notasexcitingasamoose

When you say 'strike a pose' and this is the response!
#lovemyboys #twoyearoldsoaksituplikeasponge

FHE last night was on the words we say. We compiled a list of words and phrases we did not want to hear in our home. After about 20 contributions, Ben pipes up with 'We really must not say 'Oh my gosh, just look at her butt!'' (You know the song right?) Needless to say next week's lesson is on listening to good music! Oh my gosh is on the list too! 
#kidsaresponges #keepingitreal

Yellow fields make me happy! Blue skies too! Still a bit nippy though. 
#lovespringevenings #simplepleasures

Watching the bros do their stuff in their swimming lessons.

When you're trying to listen to boy number two read and boy number three appears wearing goggles!

Not a particularly original shot - Seth and a mess. But just look at that face!! Love him!

11/5/15 we began reading The  'real' Book of Mormon (as opposed to the scripture readers) from the beginning. I wonder when we will finish? One of the simple pleasures of life must be listening to your child read with confidence. 

Pretty garden finds

And we shall call this photo - I am my mother! 
I remember the times she would clear out underneath my bed and be aghast at the things she found! Haha!

When the boy loses his trousers after PE and comes home in his PE shorts inside out, the label like a little tail. Man, I love this kid, he laughs we laugh.

Mini McNee and Mini Balckburn at Oakwell Hall

Sleeping on the job.

When your bedroom is being decorated and you get to sleep somewhere much more exciting, like under Mum and Dad's bed!!

Bouncing is what I do best!

I got to live out a teenage dream and went to see Take That!! Fabulous!!

The 52 project 23/52

One of those special moments, as a mother which adds to my well, Seth said his first prayer.

Had to take Joseph and Ben to see the optician which meant the dreaded eye drops! They affected Joseph terribly, poor boy! he could barely open his eyes because it was so bright and his pupils were so large. As we had to wait for a while he actually fell asleep in the waiting area! Though I felt bad for him it seriously made it the most stress free wait for an appointment ever!!

Our boy Ben turned 6!!  man I love this boy! he was so excited to go on his expedition to climb Pendle Hill with Dad and the Grandads. On the morning, he came down dressed with his Iron man costume over the top  and who am I to stop Iron man going on an adventure!
I only insisted that the mask stayed on Dad's rucksack until he got to the top!

The first Sunday in June it was actually sunny! Get the summer shirts, shorts and sandals on for church and pose for a picture time!

Monday, 8 June 2015

The 52 project 22/52

I am this boy's favourite person. I love it! He's not overly clingy but when he wants me, he will not be fobbed off with anyone else! I am going to lap it up whilst it lasts. 
This was taken whilst we were having photos taken during the holiday. The boy scrubbed up well with his side parting and white shirt.

Ben and Charlie were the absolute comedy duo of the holiday!. Thick as thieves together. Charlie frequently taking cues from Ben as to how they were feeling. If Ben was giddy; Charlie was giddy. If Ben was to be found in the corner of the garden, head down sulking, then Charlie would be found in the corner of the garden, head down sulking, every so often he would look to the side to check if they were still sulking or not - too cute!

This boy loves his baby cousins. Always has a tender kiss for their head and a comment about how cute they are. Currently, Noah is having his turn at being the family baby. He looked like he grew a tonne during the week as he was held and therefore slept so much being passed from one willing holder to another.

The 52 Project 21/52

  Catching up again!

We made it to Hartpiece Farm 9 hours after setting off into the Bank Holiday traffic where most of the population had the same great idea as us, to head to the South west! 

Whilst Sunday Dinner was cooking we went for a walk around the acreage of the farm. Seth spent the whole week, trying to keep up with his older siblings and cousins and most of the time nailed it!

I love it when these boys pose for me, it doesn't happen often at all! But when they do, they do it so well.