Sunday, 2 November 2014

Joseph at 7

I love this face!
Joseph you are 7!!! I think being the eldest and as you approach these new ages first it always feels more shocking - do you know what I mean?! Seven whole years, one more year til you are baptised! You told me the other day as we were practising the songs for the Primary presentation, that there is one song you love - when I am baptised. You said 'I love this song, it makes me cry!' We had a chat about that and we talked about that feeling was the holy ghost telling you that baptism was so important and makes you feel clean. It was a gorgeous moment. You ask so many questions daily. Currently, lots of questions about big cats and Harry Potter. You also have questions about friendships and life. We've had deep discussions about death and resurrection brought on by things you've thought about. I love that you are so open about how you are feeling and things that have happened in your day. You give us opportunities to teach and most of the time you listen too! Sometimes I confess I get a bit worn out of you being so open about what you want to happen and when - food, films, birthday presents, food, films, Christmas presents, play dates etc. But I take it as I love that you are open as a book. I really hope that continues. 

You are thriving at school. Seriously thriving! You have a thirst to learn. You read books without being prompted or bribed! When Granne and Grandad gave you some lovely books about animals for your birthday you were genuinely thrilled. I have loved listening to you read to me about Big cats. Lions are you favourite. We went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park for you Birthday at your request. It was surprisingly good - who knew that Doncaster is home to the liveliest loins I've ever seen and a sleeping polar bear.
You are also thriving in your class at church. Sister Stephenson is a blessing in our lives. You love her and she you. In her class you have learnt the first 6 articles of faith - seriously who knew a 6 year old could do that?! Sister Stephenson that is who. For the Primary Presentaion this year you had two large passages to learn. You had learnt them well, but when  it came to the first passage you froze on the stand and as you peered over the pulpit you whimpered 'I'm shy.' You shy??? The boy who will speak to anyone, as mentioned in your *school report, shy?! Sister Stephenson read it for you and you returned to your seat bashful. You obviously felt somewhat embarrassed and proceeded to play with her beads whilst the rest of primary sang. Dad gave you one of those looks , you know the one I mean and then you remembered you were 7 and actually not really shy! You read your next passage perfectly and clear - well done my boy.

You are still mad about lego. it is everywhere!! You can build sets designed for older boys following the instruction manual carefully. I love it when you create your own models. Your imagination is fantastic and the models you create are thoughtful and intricate. 

You are a kind hearted boy who loves to make friends, regardless of age. You school report also mentioned how cheerful and friendly you are. In fact when I read your report  couldn't help but well up because you've come on so well and it was clear as day that your teacher knew 'you' and loved the many qualities you have. It's nice to know that other people can see how great you are too.
Love you little man.

Mum x 


One of the many blessing of a big family in the gospel is lots of opportunities to go the temple as they take out heir own endowments and sealings. This summer we went with both Alice and Amy as they went through for the first time. I love the new presentations. They portray the doctrine with such emotion and it makes you reflect and consider. I love any opportunity I get to go to this; our favourite place with my favourite person.   

What a blessing it is that these two are such pals. They love to go to the temple too. In fact whenever we go without them, they sulk! 

Why I blog #17

Nothing quite like a good old blonde moment!!
I keep getting flashbacks of the scrunched up confused expression I pulled as I lifted the hood to the red box and pressed the button, as depicted by the diagram, to supposedly open the door to the exit the car park! I left pretty sharpish to the tune of the alarm bell!

Treehouse sleepover

On our summer bucket list was a sleepover in the tree house. Daddy made it clear that this was on my list and not his! He did oblige, though somewhat reluctantly, rummaging around  in the loft for the fairy lights to make the picture in my head come true. Fairy lights make everything more magical - fact!

Add toasting marshmallows,

hot chocolate,

cosey blankets, a sofa cushion mattress

and two faces which look like this into the mix, 

The result will be a pretty magical evening.

We sleep soundly it was really cosey. Daddy however, didn't get to sleep until the early hours of the morning as he was worried something might happen to us. He also brought Seth to wake us up at 7 o'clock!!! I questioned his motives! Baby had woken up and wandered around the house calling 'Mum, Mum, MUM!' looking under the duvet to see if I was hiding there!  

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Other summer greatness

I cannot believe it is nearly hallowen and I still have got the rest of our holiday to write up about. I am so glad I take so many photos to remind of the things we got to do together.

The day after we returned from our holiday we had a get together as Uncle Richard and Aunty Ashley were over. We went to Riccall Park, the kids played, we hung out, Joseph got stung by a wasp, Nathan bought ice lollies then we went back to ours and had Mr C's fish and chips.

We the  had a spontaneous visit for a few days from Lynne and Charlie - some of our faves!! Late nights chats, a visit to Beth in Huddersfield, a thoroughly cleaned kitchen!! You know you must be great pals when your friend comes and you sit there, as she jifs your sink and wipes down your tile,s without being offended one bit!

We also got to have a catch up with Craig, Frances and the gang who were over for the summer from their first year in China!. 

I love this photo. Baby bro wants to do whatever big bro and biggest bro do. He is the cutest thing on legs and a total liability! He finds scissors and knives fascinating,  he loves to play with dis guarded
 jars in the recycling bin, climbs on everything, walks up the slide in the garden, climbs onto the windowsill and tries the window handles to make sure they're locked - they're locked! 

I love to see year on year how these boys of mine are growing up. Ben and Joseph both enjoyed jumping onto and slide down the fireman's pole at the Wistow lane Park.

Seth loved the rope swing! This photo prompted me to attempt to chop his hair - what a faff. A case of grab some hair and snip before he turns away.

I had a lovely day at the temple with these lovely sisters.

Pizza in the woods with the added bonus of mud heaps as they do some revamping of the access.

We took the boys to the Dinosaur expo at the Royal Armouries. We went late in the day, so it was pleasantly quiet and we could take our time looking at the life like robotic models and find the answers to the quiz. 

Hold an owl or two.

Time for some 'extreme reading'

Friday, 5 September 2014

Frustration - the type that comes in a box


Our neighbours at la Rosalie!

In the evenings we made time for 'Frustration', the game. We/I taught Joseph how to play properly and he has become a beast haha! Before every roll he asks himself -
'Now what do I need to roll to send you back home?..1,2,3,4,5,6, I need a 6 then 2 or if I move this counter I need etc! 
The first three times we played, I won and He (Joseph not Nathan!) cried loudly and dramatically. Life was not fair, why did I always have to win??? Later the second night, I heard giggling from the hall, he was playing by himself taking turns for Nathan and I. There were cheers of delight when guess what - he won!!

The following night he actually won for real! A victory cheer, head flung back in pure delight, reminiscent of the victorious male gymnasts Nathan and I had watched compete in the Commonwealth Games that afternoon. (We watched all of the all round competition it was chillaxing at it's best!)
    'I won!! Yes! Yes! I won' with joyful giggling - it was cute!

Over the course of the holiday we played most evenings, Ben wasn't that interested but one night he did ask to play. Joseph then quizzed him  in motheresque style, about how he would react when he (Joseph) won! 
Ben said; If you win... I'll just cheer for you!
Cue parent's hearts melt,  the mother tears up - we're not doing so badly after all, there is hope!!!!

A few more nights into the holiday and the score stood Mummy 4 Joseph 3 Daddy 0. Daddy started to get a bit grouchy!! We gave him tips on how to win! It worked! The final holiday score was Daddy 2, Joseph 4 Mummy 5!!!!!!!!!  Play it cool, celebrate inside haha!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel the Disney Castle for real!

Mum makes everyone have a photoshoot in the shade of the walled garden.

Best part of the holiday is spending it with him.

Catalogue poses!

Ben in carbonite like Han!

Family selfie minus one runaway!

View over the bay from the abbey cloisters.

Let me be free or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll scream this abbey down!
 (Love how he runs with such determination and a waddle!)

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Our French Adventure part 1

An 'Extreme read' on the ferry to France.

Over the Pont d' Normande 

Our home for the week, La Rosalie in Saint Cyr de Bailleul, nr Domfront.

Plums straight from the tree.

Self made obstacle course around the castle gardens in medieval Domfront.

Snuggle selfies in the park.


Tree climbing/slipping in the Foret des Andaines at the spa town of Bagnoles de L'Orne!

 Pushchair derby races, culminating in..

being dumped in the sand pit!

Getting caught out without our coats in a huge thunderstorm, like HUGE thunderstorm! Taking cover under the pushchair cover under the trees and still getting drenched.

Some more than others!