Friday, 5 September 2014

Frustration - the type that comes in a box


Our neighbours at la Rosalie!

In the evenings we made time for 'Frustration', the game. We/I taught Joseph how to play properly and he has become a beast haha! Before every roll he asks himself -
'Now what do I need to roll to send you back home?..1,2,3,4,5,6, I need a 6 then 2 or if I move this counter I need etc! 
The first three times we played, I won and He (Joseph not Nathan!) cried loudly and dramatically. Life was not fair, why did I always have to win??? Later the second night, I heard giggling from the hall, he was playing by himself taking turns for Nathan and I. There were cheers of delight when guess what - he won!!

The following night he actually won for real! A victory cheer, head flung back in pure delight, reminiscent of the victorious male gymnasts Nathan and I had watched compete in the Commonwealth Games that afternoon. (We watched all of the all round competition it was chillaxing at it's best!)
    'I won!! Yes! Yes! I won' with joyful giggling - it was cute!

Over the course of the holiday we played most evenings, Ben wasn't that interested but one night he did ask to play. Joseph then quizzed him  in motheresque style, about how he would react when he (Joseph) won! 
Ben said; If you win... I'll just cheer for you!
Cue parent's hearts melt,  the mother tears up - we're not doing so badly after all, there is hope!!!!

A few more nights into the holiday and the score stood Mummy 4 Joseph 3 Daddy 0. Daddy started to get a bit grouchy!! We gave him tips on how to win! It worked! The final holiday score was Daddy 2, Joseph 4 Mummy 5!!!!!!!!!  Play it cool, celebrate inside haha!

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