Thursday, 26 September 2013

Blue eyed boy numero tres

This boy - our mini bundle of joy!

I am loving watching him explore. He can sniff out mischief from a mile, just like his brothers! Where you would prefer him not to go, he goes! He loves the fireplace, the basket of logs and the coal scuttle. He loves the fireplace in the boy's bedroom with all its muck and he totally would love more than anything to get his hands on  some lego!

  Yesterday I walked into the living room and discovered him half way up the stairs - oh dear. He was so pleased with himself and shrieked with delight when I found him! We have conversations of 'Ooooo'  which then turn into 'ah dah' and then back into 'Ooo' he copies me and I copy him.

 I love watching his bum as he crawls, at times he moves head down obviously to become more streamlined thus increasing speed and the swift way he switches from crawling to sitting. I know in a few weeks time this will be one of those past sights as he will in doubt be walking. He has been free standing for nearly two months and can bend his knees and keep balance.

Boy you are a delight.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Back to school

Tom and Hope's wedding

It was a lovely day for a wedding.

The boys looked super cute and did a great job as page boys even performing the walk down the aisle twice as Uncle Tim sent them off too early lol!

They were not too happy about having their photos taken - see evidence below.

Love that Ben has a face of concentration which involves sticking his tongue out just like his dad! We enjoyed decorating the gingerbread men as we waited for the couple to have their photos taken.

The McNee grandchildren bonded with the Hancock grandchildren :)

Joseph went to find out where the newly weds were he found them having photos on the grass - What are they doing????? 

A really lovely day

'Won't Summer Brill?'

It's quite evident that time around here for keeping up to date with my blog isn't in abundance! The year seems to have been recorded in a 'catch up medley' fashion. This is very much due to the fact that the babe is now on the move and feeding him no longer requires me just sitting down and providing him with food I'd made myself automatically. Feeding him now creates  a huge mess which needs to be tidied up - how on earth when I'd been through this experience with Joseph and Ben did I forget how messy weaning was??? But just look at that face!

Anyway, in the spirit of catch up here we go -

Nathan and I attended a performance of the first British Pageant.
It was fabulous. The choir - heavenly and you couldn't help leaving walking slightly taller - proud of our Bristish Latter-Day Saint heritage.
'Hello I'm Arthur Ashton'

(Bonus that we attended on the same night that Elder Ballard and Elder Nelson were there watching)

 We love exploring new places and one our recent finds is the Old Plantation woods near Church Fenton. Not only is it a natural adventure playground with logs in an abundance for den building but during the summer on Saturday evenings you can go and buy pizza there! Baked in a stone oven - they were delicious!

We returned with extra friends for  den building and some Power Ranger balance drills!

Of course no summer is complete without a few trips to Riccall Park.
Again the boys practicing their Power ranger moves, Ngaika being Spiderman on top of the house and I love how Evie loves Seth!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Holiday Miscellaneous

A few more highlights from our camping trip -

In the sea again at Rhosneiger beach.

Watching the jets fly over head from RAF Valley.

Camping food - Stagg and boil in the bag rice!

Watching Seth watching his big brothers - wait for me!


Coastline drives with stunning views.

Exploring Beaumaris Castle.

Getting a nice photo where all three are at least facing the camera to only inspect in finer detail that Ben is indeed chewing on a small rock!

A few funnies - Remember the time when I caught Joseph just about to have a wee in the Castle Moat?!!
Remember when you took the older two for ice-cream and Joseph accidentally opened his the wrong way and it dropped on the floor only for a dog to then eat it. As you were sorting Joseph out Ben accidentally knocked his on the floor too! 

It was a great trip and the mantra of 'We're having a good time!' that we had to say repeatedly to ourselves on the first day actually came true!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

.....and now they feel epic!

The rest of our camping trip was fortunately dry.
We returned to my favourite beach and had a glorious afternoon. I seriously love this place! It is a piece of heaven and feeds my soul. I loved watching my boys climbing and sliding down the huge sand dunes. They would out of view for a few seconds as they explored the top amongst the long grass, reappear when called, give me a wave and then dash off again!

The mini one loved the sand too. He used his hands and mouth to discover the delights of the sand! I have no doubt if we were to return this time next year he'd be having a go following his big brothers up the dunes too!

Nathan sat for a peaceful moment building a sandcastle.,Ben and Joseph dipped in and out to help.

The sea was blue and warm to paddle in. It met with Ben's approval. He being more of a fair weather paddler as opposed to Joseph who is one sea-loving water bum! Any opportunity he's in, throwing his head back and laughing with delight as the waves crash around him. Being the adventure heart he is he just wants to go that little bit deeper than you permit!

It was truly a wonderful afternoon. Have I said how much I love this place?