Thursday, 26 September 2013

Blue eyed boy numero tres

This boy - our mini bundle of joy!

I am loving watching him explore. He can sniff out mischief from a mile, just like his brothers! Where you would prefer him not to go, he goes! He loves the fireplace, the basket of logs and the coal scuttle. He loves the fireplace in the boy's bedroom with all its muck and he totally would love more than anything to get his hands on  some lego!

  Yesterday I walked into the living room and discovered him half way up the stairs - oh dear. He was so pleased with himself and shrieked with delight when I found him! We have conversations of 'Ooooo'  which then turn into 'ah dah' and then back into 'Ooo' he copies me and I copy him.

 I love watching his bum as he crawls, at times he moves head down obviously to become more streamlined thus increasing speed and the swift way he switches from crawling to sitting. I know in a few weeks time this will be one of those past sights as he will in doubt be walking. He has been free standing for nearly two months and can bend his knees and keep balance.

Boy you are a delight.


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