Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Back on the bike

I have obviously got out of the habit of writing my blog. I feel a bit sad about the small things that have happened over the past months which as I didn't record are buried somewhere deep in my cluttered mind. They are there but so much harder to retrieve than flitting through old blog posts. Time to get back into regular recording.

Currently I am enjoying -

  1. Discovering the different plants in our new garden. Almost daily there is something new coming into bloom or dying off. We have a purple magnolia bush, a gorgeous bush with thick pink blossoms, daffodils, bluebells, forget-me-nots, a honeysuckle about to bloom and loads more of which I have no clue what they are called! The other Monday morning I awoke and determined that that day I would dig out some bushes to make space for a veg plot. Something we'd been getting round to doing for weeks. A couple of hours and I'd cleared the spot. Perhaps half an hour later dear Kath rang and said that Dennis wondered if he could come round and plant us some potatoes - what are the chances?! So by the time Nathan came home from work we had a veg bed already planted with potatoes and onions and peas planted too! Blessing of being part of a ward family too. I am also trying to create a herb bed and grow some salad leaves in a tub on the patio. 

For me watering the plants and hanging washing on the line are two of life's simple pleasures which add to a sense of inner well being.
We have the garden furniture up and have eaten out a number of times already. Being so close to the kitchen it is just so easy!
Our new garden is such a blessing. The boys now play out so much more. Seth loves to be outside at any opportunity - digging/eating mud, digging in the sand, splashing in the water which gathers on top of the recycling bins, sliding down the slides, pushing and riding his car. He gets through a good number of clothes changes a day but I love the freedom to explore safely out garden permits. 

Hearing Joseph read. It's like the light bulb moment has happened and the boy can read. How does it happen I have no real idea but I have loved seeing it happen over the past few months. He seems to really enjoy it too!!  He will sit by himself and work through pages of comics that he enjoys sounding out and reading aloud all because he wants to. Long may this continue - please!!! It;s lovely that he is able now to read the first part of the Book of Mormon reader chapter before bed. Some of the funny moments when you realise your boy's world has opened up is when he starts giving Nathan advise when driving 'Dad, is says SLOW on the road!'  
He also has memorised three articles of faith which Sister Stephenson has taught them in their primary class. It kind of catches me off guard the things a six year old can do and I love it that we can learn from his experienced primary teacher.

Ben continues to become more and more chatty and confident. He has become so loving towards Seth and finds him hilarious. Ben is showing that he has a real funny sense of humour. He picks up on catch phrases from movies and then repeats them with an imitation voice at unexpected moments which crack us up!

Seth creates fans wherever he goes. Wide eyed and huge smile, he babbles, claps, points and makes conversation with all. He walks with purpose his bum waddling and both arms moving side to side. He is in love with dancing ; shaking his head side to side then spinning round bobbing up and down twisting his wrists and look at them intently is his style!


Everyone always says our boys are three peas in a pod but when I look at photos like this one, I see how uniquely gorgeous they are.

(This post was drafted in February and posted today!)