Monday, 3 February 2014


It's true that no one rewards a mum with adoration quite like a baby. You make it wonderfully obvious that I am your favourite person in the world and whilst it lasts I will basque in it! I think perhaps I am still Ben's favourite too and perhaps Joseph's, when he's in need, but neither's face light up when I just walk in a room like yours does.
 Seth if there were such things as baby A-levels you would have aced the cute, aced the smiley, aced the cheeky but failed the sleeping through! You are really sociable - someone gives you some attention and you reward with a smile and some of your lovely babble. You have been on the move for months (Oct the 15th was the day you started to walk) and yet still people gawp in awe at how stable you are and remark how you look too small to be walking! Most of the time now you don't walk you almost run!! You can also walk backwards and when there is music to be heard you can bop too! Though you are definitely active, you have a cuddly side too which is lovely.
You just love to be outside, any time the back door is open you take your chance. Of course like your brothers you love small stones and just like them you think they're tasty!? You also like to scare me to death with your love of lego. You have no interest whatsoever in age appropriate toys, far too safe for your attention! You'd rather play with cutlery, the piles of bits that dad sweeps up from the kitchen floor, the fire tools, kitchen sponges and have I mentioned lego?!!
You are going to be a chatterbox. Granne thinks in a year's time you'll be arguing with me the way you're going lol! You say 'Dada' 'Hiya' 'Yeh' and 'Maaaa' you pat your high chair if you want more food. You point your finger at us and wag it with purpose. The other day, Ben was having a tantrum and you went and wagged your finger at him!!! 
Seth you are a joy! As no one adores a mum like her baby no one adores the baby quite like their mum and you'll always be mine.