Monday, 9 September 2013

Holiday Miscellaneous

A few more highlights from our camping trip -

In the sea again at Rhosneiger beach.

Watching the jets fly over head from RAF Valley.

Camping food - Stagg and boil in the bag rice!

Watching Seth watching his big brothers - wait for me!


Coastline drives with stunning views.

Exploring Beaumaris Castle.

Getting a nice photo where all three are at least facing the camera to only inspect in finer detail that Ben is indeed chewing on a small rock!

A few funnies - Remember the time when I caught Joseph just about to have a wee in the Castle Moat?!!
Remember when you took the older two for ice-cream and Joseph accidentally opened his the wrong way and it dropped on the floor only for a dog to then eat it. As you were sorting Joseph out Ben accidentally knocked his on the floor too! 

It was a great trip and the mantra of 'We're having a good time!' that we had to say repeatedly to ourselves on the first day actually came true!

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