Monday, 6 February 2012

Handa's surprise

Last week for the first time ever, I bought avocados to make my own guacamole - it turned out pretty well (trying different recipes and having less food waste is one of my goals for the year, hence why we currently find that our fridge homes a fennel and beetroot of the unpickled kind)

Before the avocados went for the chop/mush, Joseph recognised what they were and said 
'Let's play Handa's surprise' He loves the book and everytime we say over at Granne's that is the book he asks her to read him before bed. Even if I'm staying over with them, Granne insists that she reads it to him as it's one of 'their things' :) 

So we gather all the fruit we could, which actually was quite a bit and reenacted the story. He carried the fruit in a basket, I pretended to be all the different animals and stole the fruit then  poured in lots the tangerines at the end. He loved it, I loved it and we did it again and again :)

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