Saturday, 18 February 2012

Valentine's making

I had great fun making these salt dough decorations for Valentine's day, they really got the creative juices flowing again. I got the inspiration from here and here
Grandma gave me her collection of stamps before Christmas which I used them on some to make the patterned effect and my small alphabet stamps for the words.

My first batch ended up in the bin :( as they rose in the oven and cracked. The second batch I made thinner and baked on a lower heat for longer. I then spray painted and varnished them adding, lace from may favourite Haberdashery shop - Stefan's :) 

The card I made for Nathan .. can't beat a bit of Barry on Valentine's day 'Oh baby!'

I paired the decorations with some simple cards for secret valentines.

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  1. Love these! They look fantastic! And love the lace ribbon.