Thursday, 9 February 2012

Don't eat Pete - OK

On Monday night during FHE a few things are becoming traditional : we sing popcorn popping, we do ring a ring a roses, we try to do a lesson, the boys are restless during the lesson - we keep trying  :) and Daddy brings sweets. This past Monday, Nathan was later home than usual so tea was late and hence FHE was late. It was almost 8 o'clock and yet we still proceeded with the game which followed a lesson on missionaries. The boys loved to look at the photos of Nathan as a missionary. 

Anyway, Nathan introduced the boys to 'Don't eat Pete' a favourite FHE game he used to play. The premis being that you put down a number of sweets on a grid (this time there were 16), one is secretly chosen to be called Pete. the person on tries to eat as many sweets without eating Pete and when they are about to eat Pete everyone else shouts DON'T EAT PETE. Their go is over and someone else gets a turn. Joseph went first and did very well, he got about 11 sweets, he ate about 4 and then without prompt put the rest back on the grid when his turn was over.

Ben's tactic was pick a sweet eat it, pick another sweet eat it..

 pick another sweet eat it..

 and so on and literally and so on and so on and so on..

and what would you know he managed to completely dodge Pete and ate all 15 other sweets lol!

 Nathan and I couldn't quite believe it how well he was doing and just let it roll :) Not sure how many 'good parenting' points we get for allowing our 2 year old to eat sweets at 8 o' clock but hey :)

Note - if you are wondering about the monstrosity in front of the fireplace (see photo 1) - that was my impulse buy last Monday night - a little Tykes Kitchen for £15 - I know bargain :) the boys loved it for FHE last week,  but we have absolutely no where to put it ( I obviously knew that before but went ahead anyway - duh)so presently it resides in Tom and Sharne's garage whilst I find someone else who wants it. Must learn to walk past things which are bargains that a) we do not have space for  b) don't need and c) don't actually really want.

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