Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Insta update #3 Early Spring ed.

Busy for the day snuggling this bundle. Controlled the impulse to wake the three of them up when we arrived home at 11pm. By 4am all three were in our bed, pretty sweet until Seth was sick! Not quite the welcome home we expected though glad I am here to sort it out #jobsonhold #marjoriesaystolaugh #parissanschildren

Ben was quite excited by the title of his new reading book. #unclesarebrilltoo 

Worst eclispe photo ever!

The only perk of the car needing to go into the garage is the courtesy car #dadwantstobeaboyracer!

Sleeping on the job. #playisakidswork

Parent's evening went well treat!

First trip to the bike park 2015. Ben about to descend the ramp told me 'Now this is what I call speed rush!' #needsabiggerbike #needsabiggerhelmet #whatadifferencesixmonthsmakes

Perfect remedy to any of life's fixes is kissing these cheeks. #grateful

Easter trip to Thornton in Craven Farm park with Grandma and Grandad.

Celebrating the first spontaneous picnic of 2015!
#lovingthesunshine #lovemyboys

'Hey ladies, look what I can do!' yelled the five year old from the top of the climbing frame to the two girls on the see-saw.
You can imagine my relief to find out it was Peter Parker aka Spider-man and not my Ben hollowing the ladeez! #boyanswerstopeter #lockupyourgirlsup

The multitasking gene is strong with this boy. #getsitfromhismum

I love listening to him read. he read me the Tiger who came for tea as we waited in the Dr's waiting room.

What this photo does not show you is the stopping every 20 seconds and the paddy which ensued because the boys must race everywhere and someone therefore loses. Other than that, our first ever 'everyone is on wheels of some sort' ride was pretty fun! #mcneeadventures 

Joseph honing his somersault skills

Anything you can do son..

Bumped into some year 7 girls the boys knew from school. it made for one extremely relaxing visit to the bike park for me! #needtogettheboysapairofoldersisters #mcneeadventures

'No room at the inn tonight love' #needabiggerbed #lovemyboys 

Some good guys and one 'good bad guy' ( you know a good bad guy is like Wreck it Ralph) hanging out in the trees. #cousintimeisbest #mcneeadventures

Sometimes play is work! #thirdchildproblems

Joseph's roman chariot.

Felling blessed today as I have watched the boys play out all day in the garden. Grateful for their strong, healthy bodies and their innate dispostion to be happy. though they are far from perfectly behaved, in no one else's company do I feel more that I am in the presence of heavenly beings than when I am in their's. #lovemyboys #becausehelives #heishere 

The minis were pretty pleased with their duck feeding efforts. #fairburn

Joseph told me he was too old to feed the ducks and then went and sat in his brother's trike! Made me smile! 

The maxis!

Pond dipping-  Ben was after a squid, Joseph a crocodile! One dip  in and they were thoroughly disappointed with their findings! #mcneeadventures

Pond dipping with toddlers could be up there with taking them to funerals!

Hair of gold.

Last match of their first season huddle. #boydoesnotliketobesubbed #captainforthematch

Safest place in the world.

Speed demon riding a Victoria Pendleton vontage bike with toddler in child seat captured on camera, racing young child on bike around Cawood Garth! Pedestrians beware! #wobblyashewent #getyerownbike #sethlovesspeed 

Err Mummy, what do you mean they're going to chop my hair off? #expressionsaysitall #firsttriptothehairdressers

This trip to the hairdressers was sponsored by Haribo and a charity shop car! To be fair he was brilliant and I wondered why I had put off taking him for so long.
 #firsttriptothehairdressers #mumsurvivedtoo #triptoaldiafterwaspainful

When the boys run ahead to get changed for their swimming lessons... #homefromhome #wonderwhyhisglassesbreaksooften

'MUM! Wipes!!'  #understatementoftheyear #nevertrustaquiettoddler #whilstimsortinglaundryupstairshesmakingmoredownstairs #keepsagirlinwork

This is my morning face.
#dadsgotplantyofroom #iwouldntswap #dontmovethebabyorhellscream 

Ben kindly gave his dad the biggest star war's blaster he found so they could play Sta Wars together at Nostell Priory. #joysofbeingadadofboys #bigkidgetstoplaylikeakid #howmanytimeshashewatchedthenewtraileralready

Easter chicks. The boys have the best Great Grandma.

Spring is springing! Love it! Love the feeling that there are plenty of good memories that will be made in the garden the months to come. #simplepleasures 

I never get enough of watching them sleep.

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