Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Recipe for a great party

1. Pre-party activities involving chocolate eggs!

2. Doing what the Birthday girl asks and oblige with posing for photos.

(as you can tell Joseph was pretty hacked off with the photographer)

 (This is the reaction you get when the photographer steals one of Ben's jokes which of course includes the word 'bottom!')

3. Cuddles with a new baby cousin.

4. Birthday cupcakes.

5. Pin the tail on the donkey.

6. A few selfies!

7. Presents which cause tears!

8. Dancing.

9. Pass the parcel.

9. Sneaky naps or unofficial sleeping logs!

10. Some schooling in the game of chess. (The grandkid's request)

11. Second helpings of jelly & ice-cream.

12. More selfies!

13. Wrestling.

14. Gifts for the guests.

15. Party bags!

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