Monday, 6 April 2015

The 52 Project 14/52

Arrh I've missed a number of weeks due to being away then ill them a couple of busy Sundays. Anyway without further ado. Here are this week's photos.

Daddy thought it would be funny to tame the boy's locks after his bath. As soon as Joseph saw him he burst out laughing and cottoned onto who Nathan was making Seth imitate - 'Draco! Seth is Draco!!'
This little man just laps us the laughter and joins in. He really does need a professional haircut but neither Nathan or I can summon up the inner steel to take him because it will be a nightmare!
It seemed only a few weeks ago that I was listing new single words, Seth was adding to his bank. Now he is adding phrases which he uses in context!

'It's bedtime darling'
'Oh man!'

It does not seem right 'Oh man' coming out of his mouth!! The first time I heard him make the declaration he hand just flew off the bottom of the slide! Another phrase I've done a double take at this week is when Joseph stopped him from taking one of his toys off him.
'No Seth!'
'You mean'

When I said no more juice he responded 'mean'

I know exactly where he has got this from because Joseph has said it to him numerous times after Seth has broken his lego models 'Oh Seth you are mean' 
It's hard being 7 sometimes with a little brother who just want to do everything you can do but without the same understanding or skills. Likewise it's hard being the 2 year old just wanting to join in.

 I am watching what I say like a hawk this boy is a sponge!

I am obviously bombing this photo of Ben. The gap on the bottom is a tooth wider and we are officially the worst tooth fairy helpers ever! Tooth fairy helpers should #1. Carry an amount of coinage on their person change with them #2. Remember to put said coinage under the pillow and retrieve the tooth. We never have suitable coinage (50ps or a generous £1) and if we do we forget to do the essential job. Fortunately, this boy forgets too. Forgets where he's put his tooth, to put it under his pillow, to look to see if the tooth fairy has been. Therefore we are perfectly matched! 

A Ben classic -
'Mum, did you know that no one in Africa likes the X-man?'
'No Ben, I didn't know that. How do you know that?'
'Um, I read it in a French book?'

This photo was taken at Ollie's house. The boys were invited to go for an easter egg hunt. As it was in typical fashion, raining, the hunt was indoors. The each had 
certain coloured eggs to find and then a specific Lindt chocolate bug. In a developed Joseph fashion, he spent a good 30 seconds with his right under his nose before our loud laughter at the situation made him see what was before his very eyes. This happens frequently when asked to go and get things from his room ' Mum, I can't find it!' Only for me to go up and it be right there in full view to anyone really looking. I think it's just a phase. I hope so,  though it maybe infectious because Nathan has become a pretty bad finder recently too and he used to be amazing one. 

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