Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Happy List

So quite a few people whose blogs I follow have posted a list of 50 things which make them happy and so I thought I'd compile one too! This list is just things which fly off the top of my head and therefore random in order and thought!

1.A tidy bedroom
2.Hanging washing on the line.
3.Days when the boys have played out for hours and their faces and knees are filthy.
4. Living somewhere the changes of seasons are obvious and follow a cycle, currently the fields once more are yellow with rape.
5. Lambs
6.Exploring new places.
8. Brilliant charity shop finds.
9. Fresh flowers on my fireplace.
10. Candlelit cozy autumn evenings.
11.Seeing the boys learn new things.
12. Perfectly timed photos which capture a moment or expression.
13. Rereading my blog posts from previous years. it makes me feel pleased that I have made the effort to write the posts.
14. Notes through the post - receiving and sending.
15. New stationary especially coloured pens and notebooks.
16. Finding nice gifts for loved ones or making them and seeing their reaction.
17. Nathan telling me I look great.
18. When my clothes fit that much better.
19. Skipwith Common, especially when you come across the long horned cattle.
20.That feeling at the end of a day when I've accomplished a lot and worked hard.
21. Learning something new and interesting.
22. Talks from general conference which inspire and have something which makes them really memorable.
23. The feeling of warm skin after a day at the beach.
24. The funny things my boys do. When I get in from work and Nathan has put them to bed I always ask 'tell me something funny the boys did'
25.Hearing Seth say new words.
26. Cooking a tasty meal from scratch.
27. My roast potatoes! Because Nathan says they're even better than my Mum's.
28. Our garden.
29. Laughs with good friends.
30. Date nights and especially dates which last a weekend.
31. Looking at maps and making hypothetical plans of places I'd like to visit someday.
32. Freshly waxed eyebrows.
33. Eating things I've grown in the garden.
34. Dresses.
35. Boots in winter
36. Hearing the boys pray.
37. Laughing at the funny things the boys say or do.
38. The way Seth runs.
39. When Ben comes and kisses my head in the morning and gets in for a snuggle.
37. Hearing Joseph read.
38. Days when you ignore the clock, just go with the flow. Rare but sweet.
39. Proper snow days when there is a real covering. You wake up and life takes a different pace. It adds a magic to the air.
40. Walking the children to school across the Garth, I can't think of a nicer more convenient walk to school.
41. Spiritual music which fills the soul.
42. Kind acts.
43. When people are real and open up themselves.
44. The boys getting messy outside.
45. Nathan coming home, Nathan texting or calling during the day.
46. Adding to my spiritual well.
47. Knowing that I can change and making plans to make things better. I am the Captain of my ship.
48. Grandmas I can really chat too.
49. Getting to read decent storybooks to the boys at bedtime. 
50. Kissing.

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