Sunday, 26 April 2015

The 52 Project 17/52

We got to the temple - yeh! I love how the boys particularly Ben  at the moment get so excited to go. It's especially sweet as the reality is they get to go and sit in the distribution centre for 2 and a half hours whilst Mum or Dad go inside!
Then Mum makes them have a few photos in front of the temple which quite honestly they could do without doing but she cannot!


This is the best family one we got haha! 

The Webbs were there too and made great companions for the boys. It's so much easier when there are playmates around and as a group they attracted other children also trapped in the confinements of the distribution lounge!

We also had the pleasure of lovely Louise's company. She is truly good and without guile as described in a talk this past conference.
On the way home I popped in to see Grandma who has been really sick this week. It was nice to just spend a few moments with her. I love that they moved to Chorley so that we can just bob in to see them when we go to the temple. It's totally a blessing of temple attendance for me.
When we arrived home we all snuggled on the sofa and watch Midnight at the Museum 3, then Nathan went out with some fellow Peter pan types to watch the new Avengers film. A lovely day. 

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