Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Insta update #2 & In other news February ed.

Hello February! Hello daylight at 5pm, we've missed you!
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Some of my nice to do ideas are not 'great ideas' in reality! Imagine a pair of two year olds fighting over one Thomas book at a funeral! 
#earthswallowmeupnow #abandonedship #needmyheadchecking #majoriesaystolaugh 

As we met up in the foyer, (Sarah having had to scoop Simon up during the opening prayer after he had fallen and hit his head on the pew resulting in bawling) she agreed to say 'NO!' next time I came up with the crazy idea of going to a funeral with our toddlers!

Trip to Specsavers number 127697469873692
My bro wear glasses. I wanna wear them too! 

Today we are parallel playing. I have cushion covers on the machine and Seth has trains which like to crash into and fiddle with levers and buttons on said machine.

This boy needs to be on Jimmy Fallon!! Lip synching to Sam Smith's 'I know I not the only one'

The video clip of this is hilarious : great moves, over enunciated lip movements, raised eyebrows, a swivel of the broom/microphone. We had a good laugh and he lapped up the attention!

 Lego time and an amazing Sunday Dinner at the Grice -Stilgoe home

Monday was the first day of half term - the boys had a PJ day. The playdoh made a rare appearance.

The boys are so imginative (tongue in cheek) when it come to playdoh. 'Look Mum! It looks like it's doing a poo!'

Happiness is...that moment when you sense spring is in the air. Ben felt it! 
#outdoorplayisbest #wellies #weliveinyorkshiredontneedtogoanywhereelse

Love it when you revisit places and the kids can do something they couldn't the time before.

The 6 amigos. Joseph trying to find zen amongst the chaos!

Movie time with our pals.

Searching for worms at the 'Superworm' event at Skipwith with cousin rachel, lily and Billy. We were pants at charming worms!! Not a single one! Fortunately some more talented charmers shared with us.

When a friend brings you flowers for no reason. 

These boys have the best aunties. Fact. Just back from their date.

Doing an impression of what Joseph did frequently around the crazy golf course.

When it's one of those rare times your boy falls asleep in your arms.
#happy #simplepleasures

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