Monday, 16 February 2015

52 Project 7/52

The boy lost his first tooth!! It came out at school and came home wrapped in a coin bag and then got lost! We have a knack for loosing lost teeth! Last Friday night whilst I was at work, poor Daddy had to deal with the aftermath of Ben running into the wall by the toilet. It created a good enough gash to have blood squirting from the wound! Fortunately it did stop without a trip to minor injuries and now he has a more lasting impression of a Harry Potter scar than the biro from last week!

'Oops, you've caught me!' Sum dog again! 
He loves it! It has done wonders for his rapid recall of maths facts. He loves maths because of it and is proud that he is good at it. He is furthest along the Sum Dog programme in his class where he is one of the youngest. It also makes a great motivational tool for me to use too! 

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