Sunday, 1 February 2015

The 52 Project 5/52

More and more words are coming. 'Sit down' he points to the stair, a book in hand. 'Mamee, Mamee, Mamee' 
'Dahdee, Dahdee, Dahdee'
'Oh he's got a lot to say hasn't he?' commented a fellow mum round Aldi!
He had fun one morning playing with Mummy's Bare Minerals. he is a dab hand at the 'tap,tap' part of the application!

Joseph had to get wrapped up good and proper for his Saturday match. He came home beaming not because they won but because he got his first 'man of the match!' This means that next week he gets to be Captain! His self evaluation was 'I just got stuck in ALL the time!'
He's been of a more even temperament this week. We are trying to keep Seth out of their bedroom while their at school, as he has a talent for destroying lego models!

Love our Ben. He keeps us on our toes. On Wednesday on the walk home, his mood was as black as the storm clouds because Joseph received a mini refresher sweet from his teacher (10 ticks for ten good pieces of good work for 1 mini refresher) - wailing and gnashing of teeth all the way home. Then, in the same afternoon, he has been so sweet and understanding about not going to a friend's birthday party ( a go-karting party at that, I felt sad for him) because it's on a Sunday. He was totally fine when I explained and he came up with a plan to have his friend over for a play date and tea on a different day. 
#keepsusonourtoes #CTR #sweetsmatter #sundaysmatter

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