Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Insta update

As I was without a working camera most of last year, I relied on my trusty iphone 4. I hooked myself up to instagram and have had some fun with their filter options. I thought from now on, I may do a regular update on the blog of things I post, as these often reflect the small moments of life I want to treasure. 

Seth at the station when we were waiting for Nathan 11/12/15

'Seth unbeknown to him doing his Elvis impression!'

Seth showing his opinion on the concept of staying in his own bed all night!
#raspberriestothatidea #greeneyedboy #softparents

Joseph to Ben as they sat waiting for their swimming lesson to start:
'Ah this is the life isn't it Ben?'
Ben: 'Yup this is the life'
#lovemyboys #simplethings 

The boy needs a haircut. He hates hair gel but when I told him he looked as cool as Marty McFly he was seriously chuffed!! (Ben was miffed - he wanted to look like Marty but hasn't the fringe. Biff is no fashion idol!)
#oldfilmsarethebest #lovemyboys

Yesterday I took Ben to a party and came home with Leonardo! Behind my smile of greeting, I confess was anxiety over Leo smearing his face on my sofa!
#getthebabywipesready #hewearsitsowell #turtletime

When you plan to, then buy Hyacinths, then love how they look on your table, does that make you old? If so I am old! 
#hopeforspring #hyacinthssmellnicetoo #gettingold

Pants ate my boy!
#hepreferspantstohats #pantseathimdaily #lovemyboys

My bro likes to read, I like to read.
#peasinapod #boyslovetheirbooks #brothers 

Buddies! Nothing gets Mum more brownie points than inviting friends and family over for tea. 


How old does Olivia have to be before she can babysit? this girl has mega mothering skills already! 

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