Sunday, 18 January 2015

The 52 Project 3/52

What do you mean I've got a noodle on my head? I don't think it's nice that you've pointed that out to me! If you had a noodle on your head I wouldn't tell you! I wouldn't want you to be sad!
Seth has a vast collection of facial expressions, even the grumpy ones are total cuteness.
We have been seeing more of the frustrated, grumpy, annoyed ones these past few weeks. He's growing up and knows exactly what he wants and if he doesn't get it, when he wants it, well you will know about it!!! This week I actually abandoned a basket full of items in Home Sense because he'd well and truly had enough and everyone was going to know about it!! Grandma said he just needs lots of time being spent with him and that I'm good at doing that. I love pep talks by my Grandma.This week Aunty Vera, her last surviving sibling, past away. A sad but glad, or a glad but sad, depending of which angle you look at it, passing, she was 92 and just slipped away peacefully.  It's a reminder that my Grandparents won't always be here on earth for;little pep talks, words of encouragement, random phone calls, banter and I need to enjoy it and make opportunities to enjoy it while I can.

Joseph has been doing amendments, extensions, revamping his castle. He has great ideas and I love to see him concentrate and design using them. 

If you want Ben to look natural in a photo -  ask him to tell you a joke and snap while he's mid flow and smiling because it's a really funny joke - because this week's collection have the word 'poo' in them. 'Bottom' jokes are so last week!! He was on his way to a bowling party and was happy to have his hair spiky. Last week he had a haircut at the Turkish Barbers. It is the way forward with haircuts. The attention to detail is brilliant and the boys are scared stiff so they sit still. Unlike at the female barbers,where the ladies were so sweet and patient with them constantly moving their heads up and down, side to side!! At the Turkish barbers, if you have hairy earlobes they singe them off with a match!!!! Who knew??? Nathan gets that done as part of the service, the boys don't need it. Anyway I digress! Ben had his hair cut and came home with it really, really spikey! That night he had a bath but asked for his hair not to be washed as he wanted to keep the spikes, we obliged.

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