Sunday, 8 March 2015

The 52 project 9/52

I love watching my boy play with his cars, in exactly the same style hi brothers did - get down low and play with them on the trunk at eye level using your best and widest variety of appropriate noises, every so often put one in your mouth, chew, then release and back to driving.
New words of note is - 'anman' Iron man! 'Erbie'  
Grandma and Grandad came to babysit on Saturday. Their car was already on the drive when we arrived back from the York Pantomine, though they had gone for a walk. Seth immediately announced 'am-ma?' - see car mad!

Show us your muscles!

Some photos you just have to add in for legacy purposes don't you. He had a good giggle when he saw this one. This is a ' mum asked for a photo, I'm smiling but not feeling it, take it quick cos I'm outta here'  type of pose!

That's better!

Two smiley boys ready for the York pantomine.
This year it was Beauty and the Beast. As ever a fun afternoon, which Nathan tries to dodge as panto is not his thing. So he willingly took Seth to York and we got to enjoy some over dramatised fun! Joseph had ants in his pants and was eager to get a better view of the action. Whenever music came on he wanted to dance. If we lived in York, he would absolutely love to be in it for sure. 

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