Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sweet heart

The other afternoon, Joseph was playing with his knights (they are the current favourite toy). I was watching a little of the French Open. In the ads the advert for Water Aid came on, I noticed that Joseph had turned to watch it, probably because he heard the word 'kill' and he knows I don't like that word. He looked so sad as he saw the children who had to drink dirty water.

'Mummy why do they have to drink dirty water?'
'Because they don't have any clean water nearby, they don't have taps that come into their homes like we do'
'That's not fair is it?' he responded.

His sweet heart just moved me. We decided that we should definitely do something to help those children and so in FHE we're going to find how together.


  1. What a precious boy!

    I'm curious to know what you're going to do! Keep us posted!

  2. We had a FHE on caring for others. We talked about things we could do to help others. We're going to set up a direct debit for Wateraid and Joseph and Ben are going through their old toys to give to children with out any (bless him, he isn't too keen on the idea but we'll make it easy for him. Got to do these things in steps they feel happy with)