Thursday, 31 May 2012

Herbie ( VW bug ) tee

My boy turns three next week. My boy loves Herbie and can spot a VW Beetle a mile off, excitedly proclaiming 'Herbie'
I'm excited to give him this t-shirt as I know he'll love it. I used some thrifted t-shirts for the applique and had a really, really, relaxing time hand stitching these - it was lovely. 

Though the slight wonkiness of Herbie was not intentional I think it makes it more realistic - don;t you think?

As the boy is three, H&M do great duo packs of t-shirts and I was loving the hand stitching, I put together this one for him too.


  1. Very cute! Wanted to do a union jack one for this weekend, but not sure it's going to happen now! Love the herbie one!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! You are the sewing master-ess. I'm so totally impressed by these! I want some!! ... I totally have some shirts you... I mean we... I mean I... can use!

  3. Thank you, Ben was very pleased with the Herbie one.