Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Garden turn outdoor theatre

The sun's been out the past couple of weeks and I/we've loved it. Afternoons in the garden; washing load after load on the line; lunch and tea on our new table (salvaged from the Crawford's skip along with chairs and a parasol and brought back to life with a good jet wash - it is fab). 

My favourite thing has been Joseph putting on shows about pirates, kings and knights and dragons on his ship. We have to wait til the imaginary light has changed from red to green and then he performs either a 'small' or 'long' show. 

A few of them have involved rescuing treasure from a cave with a  dragon in it. All begin 'once upon a time' and end 'happily ever after' and then of course there is applause.

                Love how my boy tells stories :)

1 comment:

  1. How precious! Can we order tickets?! Love that pirate ship!!!

    And what a fab garden set! :)