Thursday, 21 June 2012

Father's day

My boys are so lucky to have the dad they do. He is kind, fun, so helpful and supportive to me, a good listener, diligent, hardworking, friendly, a great example of doing his duty for his family and in his calling whatever it is. 

 In some ways  it's true, he is  a child at heart  which totally benefits the boys. He knows just what little boys like; cars, more cars, did I say cars, super hero figurines, lego kits, oh and cars :) On Saturday he decided what he'd like to do was take the boys out to buy a first lego kit and then make it with them. 

He then went over to Huddersfield to watch Tim graduate from seminary, the last of the six, 17 years worth of seminary in the McNee senior household completed, something to celebrate :)

On Father's Day we made him breakfast in bed and then after church we went over to Grandma and Grandad's for mince and dumplings (very tasty). After dinner, Amy had the task of taking photos of certain groups that Carol wanted. Talk about hard work, not that it was our two playing up. The main challenge was getting Nathan, Josh (award for most difficult model of the day) Tom and Tim to smile/look in the right direction/look natural at the same time. The whole group photo was done in one shot.

The card  we made for Daddy (the boys looked cute and I did the editing - a collaboration :))

Here's the cards we made for 'The Grandads' inspiration from here

How very true, Nath and I are really blessed to have two amazing dads who in their promotion to Grandads are doing a fab job too :)

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