Thursday, 21 June 2012

The countdown to Christmas has begun

Baby McNee the third is on it's way :) We're so excited. 

We found out about six weeks ago, though we like to keep it to ourselves until we've been for the first scan. I've been lucky with each of my pregnancies not to feel sick and, the only real symptoms I have are a lack of energy and that feeling of needing a good cry most days. So at the scan it becomes real, there is a baby actually in there :)

Baby is due on the 20th of December (the date was moved forward from the 25th :)) and hopefully will be well behaved and come before Christmas. Looking forward to a Christmas baby, the perfect excuse to do very little.

Nathan, came out and said; 'Well it's a boy isn't it?' 
'I saw something'
'Nathan, those bits haven't even developed yet'
'Well it looked like a boy'
'I think at this stage they all look pretty much the same love'

It has to be said I am honestly equally happy with a boy or a girl. Of course it would be lovely to have a girl, I think Nathan would love a little Daddy's girl but boys are so fun and we make such cute boys why would we not be happy to have another blue one?

We picked the boys up and told them we had a surprise for them.
We sat them down in the sofa and gave them the photo

Joseph: 'What's that?' 
Me: 'It's a baby!'
Joseph: 'A baby! (he laughs)
Me: We're going to have a new baby for Christmas!
Joseph: Oh,.... but I wanted some toys (said sheepishly).


When we explained that he would have a new baby and still get the soldiers he'd like for Christmas he was over the moon ( you've got to love the honesty of the boy). Ben just laughed and wanted to kiss the scan picture - cute.

Joseph then went on a phone marathon telling the family our news

'We're going to have a new baby.....for Christmas!.....I'm still getting my soldiers too'

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