Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Why I blog #9

A few things I want to remember that I'm loving at the moment:

Having conversations with Ben. Ben has turned into a little chatterbox. It's like he's discovered the joys of communication. He copies things you say and it sounds so cute in his sweet voice. For example:
Yesterday he came and gave me a hug
Me: Ahh cuddle time
Ben: Cuddle time
Me: My favourite
Ben: My faourite
Then he coughed loudly
Me: Oh dear, coughy time
Ben: coughy time
We laugh and then repeat the same pattern again at least three times over :)

The things Joseph comes out with. Joseph has always been a chatterbox with an ever expanding vocabulary. There are still times though when the things he comes out with makes Nathan and I laugh as he sounds so grown up. For example we were talking at the dinner table, the subject escapes my memory, anyway Joseph's reply to a comment made was 'How interesting' 
He also loves to make up names for things; 'This is a snafflelapter, he's called Tonk and she is called Glandertink.'

Birdsong I am no fan of birds in the sense that I live in fear of one flapping too close to me or (let' s face it)pooing on me - very mature I know! However, I do love to watch them flying around  the garden, from the kitchen window and I especially love to hear them.It's one of my favourite things to do to relax, lie on my bed with the velux open and just listen to them.
 We are really blessed to have the large trees at the bottom of our garden which are part of a copse in the neighbouring garth, so there are lots of birds around including a couple of owls which can be heard at night. It's one of the many, many things I love about living where we do and one of the many things I'll miss when we eventually move. I was speaking to Grandma about it the other day, saying how I'll miss it and I don't think we'll end up any where like this. She said ' No, but you just have to think that you've been privileged to have lived by it.' What a great perspective to have. It's good to be reminded to enjoy the blessings you currently have whilst you have them and I intend to enjoy the blessings of living here in our little cottage whilst we still do.

Note - Whilst I am typing this the church clock has just struck 8 and I am reminded how much I love to hear the clock chiming through my window too.


  1. Lovely lovely post! Joseph cracked me up this morning when I called! There was no answer, so I thought you all must be out and about so I was leaving a message... asking if y'all wanted to come swimming with us... and I hear a *GASP!* and silence. So I said: Hello?... and there is Joseph: We're going... WE'RE GOING ... SWIMMING!!!!!

    I couldn't help but laugh, and hope it didn't get you guys in too much trouble!

  2. That boy, he doesn't miss a trick. Sorry we couldn't make it. Nathan got caught on the phone and to be honested I was pretty wrecked all day, had a least two naps.