Monday, 9 April 2012

For the love of Yorkshire

Easter Saturday we headed to Bolton Abbey to meet up with Grandparents, Aunts and an Uncle.

Bumped into the Easter Bunny who set us off on an Easter Egg Hunt through the forest.

The boys did a good job at finding them. Joseph liked me to say the letter which was on each and a word with that letter. 

'What does it say?'
'Tell Grandma, it has an 'u' for umbrella'

Uncle Tom proved very handy at chasing after the boys who went on sudden, random mad sprints river-ward.

Joseph was in a mood for having his photo taken lots.

Love this one - so grown up

'Found a chocolate one'

'mmm what does it taste like? Delicious :)'

Uncle Tom also proved very handy at giving His Lordship 'carries' at his beckon call :)

Hugs for Grandma

Kisses for Aunty Alice

More posing :)

Joseph being a tiger having a rest in a tree


Joseph being a tiger having a rest on a rock

Joseph being a tiger digging

More posing - love this one too :)

Ben's turn to pose :)


Parents try and crash the posing sessions to get a photo of the four of us - boys not having it :)

Aunty Amy wants a kiss too 

The boys loved climbing the rocks

The Strid - Joseph was very concerned for my welfare taking this photo 


Gotcha :)

A lovely walk :)

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  1. Those are great photos! I love the ones of you all together. Captures you all perfectly!