Monday, 9 April 2012

Reversible superhero mask and cuffs

Joseph is totally into superheros. Currently he loves Tree Fu Tom from CBeebies. Instead of Easter eggs (as I was sure he wouldn't be in short supply of those) I decided I wanted to make him a Tree Fu Tom inspired costume. I found the tutorial for the mask here  and the tutorial for the superhero cuffs here

I decided to try and make both reversible so he could  chose  if he liked to be a different superhero. So with  this set you could have Tree Fu Tom, leaf detailed  mask and cuffs or ...

turn it over and have a light green star mask. Take your pick my boy, or mix n match to your hearts content :)

He was very pleased.

I also whipped up a tunic as Tree Fu Tom doesn't have a cape (he also doesn't have a mask or leaf details on his cuffs but hey I was elaborating upon a concept) and a belt.

Here he's showing me how the laser works - 'You just press it  here'

Love this one - that's my boy :)

I also made a set for Ben - of course. He has a blue star set or..

.. flip it over and you get a red star set. These match the capes they got from Izzy's Paty last year. Also with Ben's set I gave myself a pat on the back for thinking about using red thread on the top spool of my machine and blue on the bottom one so each side had the complementary thread - I know, I'm really clever :)

Now if I can just get a photo of him posing in his set :)