Saturday, 14 April 2012

Centre parcs

Tuesday we went to Centre Parcs to meet up with Craig,Frances and the rest of the Hancock/Kitsell entourage for the day.

It was fab to see them and their gorgeous gang

Joseph had a ball whizzing around on his bike at lightening speed (don't mention him going off with other parents who had bikes,leaving us behind worried sick)

Ben fancied taking Isaac's bike for a ride down the dirt hill behind their villa - boring mum put a stop to it after taking this photo :)

We loved the swimming and the boys bravely went down 'The Death Slide' though weren't keen to repeat.
Ben was totally whacked afterwards and tried to snuggle down onto of the bags in the changing room.

Joseph really enjoyed hanging out with Joshua - he had lots of cool planes.

Great to be with our old friends 
(obviously not 'old' literally speaking!) 
and for our children to make new friends with each other.

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