Monday, 23 April 2012

Come rain or shine

When you live in England you just have to be prepared to learn to carry on, regardless of the rain.

The National Trust had a free weekend so we made plans to go to one of my favourite places; Fountains Abbey. We checked the weather forecast - a sunshine covered by a dark cloud with two drops of rain. Not ideal but we decided to go anyway. The rain obviously came into its element as we had literally been out of the car 5 minutes :)

Anyway unlike our trip to Hardcastle Crags - 3 of us has hoods (Note-Ben needs a coat with a hood) and three of us had wellies (Note- Nathan needs wellies)
Like our trip to Hardcastle Crags we had a good time and enjoyed being in lovely surroundings.

The boys loved the puddles.

I loved that there was choir singing inside the covered part of the Abbey - the acoustics were fab

Love how my boy is into his posing at the moment lol!

Love this one of my boy :)

The boys love climbing and exploring every inch of the ruins

More puddles :)

I love these next two photos of them racing :)

As we went for a walk around the lake the sun made a welcome though brief appearance

Such a lovely place and I'm glad my boys seem to be totally unaffected by the weather and come rain or shine they know how to have a good time :)  

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  1. What a fabulous day!!! Your boys are too gorgeous! :)

    We should all get together and go to Brimham Rocks for more climbing!