Friday, 20 April 2012

Why I blog #8

I'd been revarnishing this what do you ma call it?? Clothes horse?? which I found in the back of the shed in the spirit of 'make do n mend' and the need to try and find a way of drying whites without the dryer (it turns them grey) and without the sun (seems to have disappeared).

Came outside and Joseph was stood like this

'Mummy I'm on a cross'

'Oh dear that's really sad, it must really hurt' I replied.

He then came away and said

'Mummy it's OK, look I'm resurrected'

You know it's moments like this when you realise that they actually do take things in. 

Also love that Ben discovered this bucket filled with rain water and of his own accord set tot the task of painting.
Clean painting - love it :)

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