Thursday, 3 March 2011

The wishes of the heart - a camera, a car, a drink.

I feel like I've lost a limb as our camera has gone caput (spelling??) Hopefully a new one will be arriving in the post soon. Today would have been a good day to catch the boys in classic moments.

I'll set the scene - The Wishing Well, home to free indoor play in Selby. We arrived after lunch expecting it to be quiet, it was not! Half of the children from school were there with their mums. The group included Clem who apparently Joseph had a moment of conflict with at school, initited by Joseph and end by Clem with a hit on the head with a wooden spoon! All in all Joseph has had a much better week and is adapting to the whole social etiquette of playing with others. Back to the Wishing Well - so it was busy! Joseph was straight into the soft play area and down the slide and back up and down the slide again - happy. 

For Ben his interest was instantly grabbed by the Little Tyke's car - have a mentioned before that he loves, I mean loves them? He was in his element sat in his car cruising round the outskirts of the room, pointing his finger and saying/shouting 'No' to any suspect carjacker. After half an hour I decided, that as a good mum it was about time I made him share..... instant shrieks of anguish, arched back, flailing of arms followed suit. Followed by rolling around on the floor in floods of tears, totally unconsolable. Lots of eyes on the scene, though I tried to and in fact was not bothered by it - my boy knows what he wants and that's no bad thing. The photo I wish I could have got was him running around after the car, pointing his finger, calling forlornly 'car, car,' the poor driver looking slightly worried about being pursued. In the end he did get it back and peace in the room was restored (well kind of!) and Ben was smiley again. You see how could he know the true pleasure of the car without having experienced not being able to have it - a lesson in there needs to be opposition in all things!!

The photo I would have got of Joseph would have been him hiding under the table where a party group had been, drinking the dreggs from an apple juice carton  - what a scamp! I'd caught him drinking dreggs from cups off the tables and told him not too and so he went and hid under a table - so proud!

(Another instance of Joseph hiding under the table - this time at Grandma Hillary's 80th party)

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