Monday, 28 February 2011

One bad apple didn't spoil the rest

Last week was half term so I did hardly any teaching and it was fab!

On Thursday I went on a fabric road trip with Lesley, Julie and Rhiannon. That was fab too! Loads of fabric at bargain prices. We discovered the wonders of fabworks in Dewsbury and Pound a yard - why have I never been to these places before???? Then onto the wonders of Lilycroft Rd - Where Stefan's and A1 textiles reside.

Whilst I was shopping the boys were at Esholt farm with Grandad Mc and Aunty Alice. Apparently Ben had a melt down over being taken away from the little Tykes cars - he absolutley loves them - take him in Toys R us and he's the same! Grandad got bitten by a pig but Joseph enjoyed feeing the sheep.

Friday was chilled for the boys and I as we chilled at Granne and Grandad's a trip to Lister Park was fun and pleasantly mild - please say spring is on its way. However, for Nathan, Friday was hectic! An electrical fault involving all our sockets (the bad apple) had an emergency electrician 'Micheal' baffled for 6 hours. He worked like a trooper without a break even for a drink. Nathan was really touched at his endurance as he was determined not to leave us without power. he left just in time for Nath to grab a quick shower and then go to Eric (Bapty's) baptism.

On saturday, Nath and I were able to go to the temple. As ever it was great to be there but particularly special this time as the work was done for Albert and we were able to witness the sealing of Albert and Violet.

It was a bonus that the boys had been delightfully behaved at Grandma Josie and Grandad Harrison's.

Sunday was normally enjoyable though normally busy. Joseph did well in primary and Ben loves nursery. Another bonus that we got invited to the Lawrance's for tea. Great mexican food and great conversation. I performed well in the provide a fact for your dessert challenge and Steve was kind to Nathan!!! It's always fun when we go round and I love the interaction they have with each other.

Monday morning - back to it.
Joseph was a little cranky on the way to school and I went to pick him up expecting a call inside to find out his misdemenars. Total bonus that he'd been brilliant at school and Mrs Rogers was over the moon with him.

Great week, a windfall of good apples with one expensive blip but that's life isn't it?

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