Monday, 14 February 2011

Getting round to it

It was a few weeks ago when I was flicking through
 one of the many albums we have stored on the computer. 
I came across this photo of Joseph 
taken just before I had Ben. 
If I remember rightly it was in fact my due date - the 2nd of 
June '09 (Ben would get a move on 3 days later) 
Anyway back to the photo. 
Joseph looked totally cute  - no surprise there then, but he also looked different somehow to how I remembered him and how he looked in any of the other hundreds of photos we had 
of him taken at that time. 
I wanted to be able to jump in and find out what he was doing right at that moment and the one just before and the one just after. 
I wanted to be able to remember what his new word s were 
that week or the current favourite toy but I couldn't and I couldn't turn to a page written in a journal to help paint the picture either. 
There are journal entries of events in His life and Ben's but there aren't enough entries of the minute and endless moments of joy or craziness that it life with the boys. 
And so to the beginning of this blog and not soon enough I'm getting round to it ! 

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  1. love it! such a cute picture of him, and a great way to do a blog.

    p.s. i love that i'm the first to comment!