Monday, 14 March 2011

Living with a wannabe Banksy

I come down the stairs and see the green felt tip without it's lid on the floor and Joseph hiding between the sofas.

'Not again...surely not again' I inwardly mutter as I quickly glance over at our cream sofas which have been the victim of' graffiti on previous occasions causing me much annoyance it has to be said.

'Joseph, have you been drawing? Have you drawn on the sofa? Have you?'

'No Mummy just draw on the table' pointing at the Victorian pine trunk we have in the corner of our room housing storing toys. 

'Oh Joseph' I say a little pathetically. (You know the tone slightly whiny and high pitched)

'Mummy, I'm sorry..I just really love you Mummy, I just love you' 

He comes out of hiding, runs up and throws his arms around me.

I forgive him quickly. Baby wipes help as they get the mark off in a jif.

Til the next time (just please don't let it be on my sofas!)

A Christmas time photo showing Ben flat out asleep on our cream sofas - see they look extremely vulnerable don't they - any mark just shows up badly!

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