Thursday, 31 March 2011

Day trip into 'Ye olde England'

On Saturday, thanks to the Grandparents and doting, doting aunts who babysat. Nathan and I were able to take the Bowen's out for the day. 

I collected them at Bradford Interchange and we traversed town to Foster Square. They politely listened as I pointed out some of the many Victorian architectural delights to be found in Bradford City Centre - it really is filled with them you just have to look up!
We met Nathan in Keighley and then travelled to Malham via the whindy, narrow country roads. It was nice to see things fresh through the eyes of a non-Brit or even non-yorkshiremen. Spring was showing off with the sun, scenery and lambs. They loved Malham and ventured to the top calling all the youths who past us 'show offs' as we had to take a more leisurely pace. At the top of the cove we enjoyed the view and the unique shape of the limestone floor.

Satisfied with pastries we proceeded to Haworth. They and Nathan went on the Worth valley railway and I took the car. Nathan laughed as he'd forgotten that on the steam train the views aren't great until you get out of Keighley. They loved Haworth refering it to the 'Ye Olde England'. It really is nice - the cobbled street on a steep hill, the little gift shops.

 We stopped for hot chocolate in the 'Bronte Tearooms' ( suckers for the name) and listened to the warnings from the old cafe owner. 'You're not parked at the top of the hill are you?' 'He clamps you for nothing you know.' She proudly showed us; her array of photos with David Essex and other stars; the trophy she won for poetry and the slightly disappointing photo of her with Charles and Diana where the Princesses head had been cropped off. It was a lovely day. Nice to talk to them about the people they've worked with in Selby and how they feel the ward has grown to be happier. Nice to hear them talk of home and their family. Just nice to be with them.  I refer to them as our 'Christmas presents' as they've just been such a blessing to our ward and we'll miss them lots.

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