Friday, 18 March 2011


Today I felt like a nuturer. It's not like it was an unusual day in which I did things any different to what I normally do but nuture was on my mind and it was nice to be more aware. 

Ben and Joseph stayed in bed with me for extra cuddles.

On the bus into Selby, Ben was restless in the pushchair and was soothed by me playing with his hair.

On the way home, Ben cried until I got him out of the pushchair and held him close until he fell asleep. I just looked at him and felt my heart just brimmed. Moments like that are gold. I looked up and caught the eye of Audrey an elderly neighbour who gave me a quiet knowing smile.

At home, Joseph went to retrieve Gloria who he'd placed in the pushchair basket......only to discover the hole and no Gloria.

His heart was broken, Gloria his 4cm plastic hippo was lost, not on an adventure  as we tried to convince him. The 4cm identical hippo we found in the pan was not Gloria , that was Moto-Moto and would not compensate. He cried  hard and fast, his eyes were red and tears ran down him face and then as I was going to scoop him up in my arms, the arms of a more experienced nuturer got there first and hugged him better.

I'm grateful to have been a well nutured child and adult and I want to do the same for my children.

I love my mum - lots.

Some of my fave 'mum' photos -

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