Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nate and Rebecca's wedding

On Thursday we went to Rebecca and Nate's wedding. 
The sun shone over Chorley for them, it has been missing in the Cawood sky for days.
Nathan gave a great talk and the musical item was stunning- lovely singer who sang the Mindy Gledhill song - 'All about your heart'
Rebecca looked beautiful, mum had done a fab job with her dress.
Ben was very taken with the wedding car and even snuck in. 

 Best attempt at a family photo -  the duo are soooooo cooperative.

Making walrus teeth from bread sticks, inspired by Uncle Stuart. 

Reunion with the swiss cousins :)

Beautiful bride and thoughtful Groom during speeches.

Handsome boys looking fab in their outfits and it has to be said they were non too shabby after eating either - result.

Uncle Nathan sharing his crisps with the nieces.

Husband much more compliant with having his photo taken. 

It was lovely to be in the temple together, to witness Rebecca and Nate's sealing, President Leece brings such a wonderful spirit into the room. I really enjoy listening to the way he explains the sealing ordinance and the blessings and promises associated with it. 
Can't really quite believe that nearly ten years ago it was Nathan and I - surely we can't be old enough!?

Why I blog moment - On the way home we stopped off at The White Rose centre for some much needed cagoules for the boys. Joseph insisted on letting the balloon he'd got at the wedding go. As it floated away he said 'Mum, look my balloons going into hyperspace'  Note to self - must find out what hyperspace is :)

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