Sunday, 8 July 2012

Holidaying in New Forest

Friday we set off from torrential rain covered Cawood, travelled 258 miles over five hours through torrential rain covered Britain, to Shorefield's Park, nr Milford on Sea. 

When holidaying in Britain, during the wettest summer-ever,  it is well advised to have; 
  • appropriate clothing, that is cagoules - check (two new ones picked up for the boys the evening before)
  • Waterproof footwear - check
  • an umbrella - check
  • and two pint-sized, puddle-loving, mud -loving, rain non-fearing boys - check (made them ourselves!)

Saturday, it threw it down practically all day and yet we had a great day.
We went to explore the New Forest. Drove down the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive to find a walk around the tallest trees in forest. 

Had a picnic in the boot;

had fun in puddles (I love how he's lifting his shorts up!);

found felled trees to practise balancing skills;

did some tree hugging;

found a tree frog (Joseph not so keen, Ben very curious. Honestly it is there somewhere in the photo... just spotted it);

enjoyed deeper puddles, over and over again;

On our way back to our 'holiday home' we stopped off at Milford on Sea, the rain had briefly stopped and so we took the opportunity to go and throw some pebbles in the sea - one of the boys favourite things to do. 

  View of 'The Needles' on the Isle of Wight.

Certainly my favourite people to spend time with on a rainy day.

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