Saturday, 14 July 2012

Highlights of the hols

Rock throwing at Avon beach nr Christchurch.

Joseph strikes a pose

Nathan enjoys his tradition of the goofy photo with the wife .... never fails to amuse himself :) See more here.

Deer watching at Bolderwood in the New Forest. As we set off from the car park we explained to the boys that they needed to be quiet so not to scare them away. Joseph ran ahead to the viewing platform, scootered through the legs of the spectators to the front and then called back to us ' WOW, I'VE FOUND THE DEER, COME QUICK'. [we hang heads in shame and hope the deer haven't scappered]

Ben; 'My glasses'
Nathan: 'No my glasses'
Ben:' No my glasses'

 On our drive back on the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive and onto the plains, horses with their foals and Highland cattle were scattered around, roaming wherever they pleased. This was one of my personal highlight of the holiday. I love to see animals wild and free and that element of surprise at where and when they'll turn up

Obviously not a highlight, though we enjoyed watching the Wimbledon final. I was torn as I love Federer but when you saw how much Murray wanted it and his emotion at the end, my heart went out to him.

Evening walk to see Hurst Castle. 

(Not sure what this bird is but it's wild n free!?)

It doesn't really need to be said that the ultimate highlight was spending all that time together. It was just so nice to take some time out of the norm, to focus solely on 'us'

Playing airplanes on the walk back to the car, the faint rainbow accompanied us all the way.

Hurst castle (squint and you can see it in the distance!)

Have I mentioned that my boys love puddles lol!

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