Thursday, 2 June 2011

Faces I love



1. Joseph pretending to be one of Santa's elves - I'm sure he'd make the cut!
2. Elf with attitude!
3& 4 Enjoying his ice cream - the highlight of a wet, cold bank holiday monday.
5. Ben trying to grab his mum's attention whilst she's indexing - too cute.
6. Ben after guzzling his ice-cream this photo was taken at the same time as photos 3&4. Ben takes eating ice-cream, cake and biscuits very seriously - a lot can be consumed in a little time when you concentrate!
7. Joseph came downstairs for more milk but fell flat asleep - I let him as he looked so lovely.
8. Ben loved lying on the blanket in the garden with me.
9. Two cheeky monkeys in the wrong bed!

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