Wednesday, 15 June 2011

More from Horbling

Wednesday 8th June- Slightly later start and to Tattershall Farm Park we went. Bonus that we were almost the only people there due to it not being the holiday week for children in the area. Our children loved the animals and Joseph and Ben as usual got 'hands - on'

One very cute moment was after the group of feeders had moved on from the pair Alpacas to the other animals, Joseph stayed behind and picked up a handful of littered animal food from the floor. He tried to offer it to Nuzzle (the one-eyed Alpaca) but Nuzzle either was full or had higher food standards than eating food off the floor as he paid no attention to Joseph's offered hand. Joseph persisted a little longer trying to get his attention 'Excuse me,... oh excuse me do you want some food?'

(It's good to remind myself as I am currently being bellowed at from the toilet upstairs with not an 'excuse me' to be heard - that he does have great manners with farm animals :)) 

The animals, including a cow named 'Hilary', (think I remember being one of them on certain days in my past!)fed we went to play on the numerous bouncey equipment outside.

Picniced inside the soft play area which we literally had to ourselves let the children play away. Most of the 'adults' (INCLUDING GRANDAD!!)  strictly paid no attention to the 'strictly no adults on the play equipment' rule and had fun too.

Photographic evidence of Grandad disobeying the rules
- and Nathan too (though less of a surprise!)

  I think Uncle David was hoping that we would be found out and the punishment of being asked to leave would come to fruition!

Managing to dodged the torrential downpour we headed made it beck to car the all went our seprate ways for a couple of hours. Joseph went with Granne and Grandad to sing a long with the Disney CD Grandma Josie had sent - he loved it and at the end of the holiday asked if we could have it in our car. Being only one mile away, Nathan couldn't resist the urge to go and do a spot of plane spotting at RAF Conisby. He chatted away to a man with a huge camera and radio and when we had watched to French planes take off we were allowed to go.

Made it home just in perfect time to enjoy a full on cooked breakfast cooked by Andrew and Sarah.

The children went to bed better as we put Joseph in our bed. Nathan went with the boys to play tennis and I went to...knit!
cast on 100 sticthes onto a new pair of needles I'd bought at the lovely shop in Ruskington, only to find that the needle again was too long??? How could that be possible??? That's because I'd cast them onto the same pair of needles as last night -duh!! slightly annoyed I tried to simple transfer the stitches onto then have to  the new needles only to simple get stuck and then have to use the worst scissors in the whole entire world, solar system, universe to cut them free - more than annoyed!!! Cast on 100 needles to correct needles and gave up for the night.
On the opoposite side of the room Sarah was beginning to look less awkward using her 20mm needle and Gemma and Caroline were still wondering how on earth they were mangaing to create extra stitches. Mum was worn out moving from one to the next to the next and little attention was able to be spared for watching  'Becoming Jane'.

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