Sunday, 12 June 2011

Horbling - a great place to holiday

Just come back from the fifth bi-annual 'Hillary' family holiday.
On this occaision we went and stayed at 'Abbott's Farm' in Horbling near Sleaford in Lincolnshire.
'Why Horbling?' we were asked by a sister in Boston ward where we visited on the Sunday.
Why not Horbling?  - it had everything we needed - that is a huge farmhouse with; a large kitchen with palatial utility offering 3 different dinner sets and more pans than you could ever use; a playroom/sitting room for the children ;a sitting room for us big kids ;a formal dining room for Sunday Lunch ;one master Bedroom for the Grandparents with en-suite ;four other double bedrooms ;two other twin rooms for little people ;downstairs bedroom for Uncle Richard (so that's eight bedrooms in total) ;four bathrooms and a large garden complete with swimming pool (plus loads of original , gorgeous features - cornicing, fireplaces, staircase, deep skirting etc.) 

Also it was somwhere in a part of the country up until that point unexplored by the Hillary/McNee clan.

So what did we get up to? Well here's an outline - which may or may not end up in chronological order.

Saturday 4th June - Arrive at tea time, unpack, have tea (curry and sweet n sour cooked by Mum n Dad) then into the pool - a little cool but still fun  young and the not so young!

 Ben wasn't too sure about the temperature!


Just couldn't resist this one!

Fully clothed - now time to relax

Sunday 5th 'Ben's Birthday'  - Ben turns two. Our little boy turned two. He woke up a little later than Joseph so I was already downstairs sorting out breakfast. He came in and with Nathan and ran as fast in his skippy way to give me a lovely squeeze and calling ' Mummy!'. It's like he knew I needed that.

We went to church in Boston. Testimony meeting was lovely and really focused on the special 'missionary fast' which was being held across Europe on the day. Though Joseph was somewhat fidgety during sacrement meeting it has to be said that both he and Emily set the example and went straight into primary no bother, so we went into our lessons no bother too!

We went back 'home' and the children had a birthday lunch complete with Buzz and Woody plates and a caterpillar birthday cake.

 Joseph and Emily were on hand to help blow out the candles and Jack sang 'Happy Birthday a oo' just lovely.

 Ben needed no help wolfing down a piece of his cake!  

Back into the pool and then a Roast Beef Sunday dinner cooked by Mum n Dad - lovely. Present giving, again Emily and Joseph on hand to help with the unwrapping (just don't expect them to get too excited about new clothes - though I will!)some lovely books, clothes and a gardening set as well as Elefun.
A lovely second birthday for my boy.

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