Monday, 23 May 2011


Just a few current things I want to remember about now.

We’ve enjoyed a lovely opening to the summer, with lots of dry and even bright weather meaning we’ve been able to go outside and play and hang washing out. I Love watching Joseph playing with his cars and creating stories, whilst Ben drives himself up and down the drive on ‘Thomas’ intermittently clambering off and sneaking between Chris’ Alfa Romeo into the forbidden land of ‘Leo’s garden’. I retrieve him, only to have to do it again and again – I remember doing this with Joseph two summers ago – what is the fascination with Leo’s garden I have no idea??? We have hopes that there will be plenty more nice weather this summer and that in August we won’t have to console ourselves with – ‘Well we had a great April’

Ben is discovering the delights of conversation his favourite topic being about Woody’s hat.
He puts his hats on his head and says  ‘hat?’
I ask ‘where’s it gone?’
He turns his hands upwards and replies ‘its gone’
He then goes and finds the hat exclaiming ‘there it is!’

I overheard Joseph playing in his bedroom, not sure if he was playing with his cars, animals or playmobil but they were being used to act out family
‘Hello Joseph’
‘This one is mummy,  Hello mummy’….
‘Hello darling’…..
‘This one is daddy, Hello ’…
‘Hello beautiful’….
(It made me smile)

Looking forward to seeing Richard tomorrow.

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