Monday, 23 May 2011

Uncle Richard came home

We spent the weekend of the 14th/15th over in Bradford as baby bro Richard came home from his mission - yey!!Mum is just in her element, I'm sure as she's had an empty nest since Caroline moved out in October. It was really lovely being with him, introducing him to Ben and him seeing Joseph as a big boy. Joseph was actually really cute he just walked in sat on his knee unprompted and said -

'Hello Uncle Richard - you back off your mission - I missed you' (Slightly prompted!).

Emily was much more shy at first, refusing to go and say hello 'I don't like Uncle Richard' she was heard to whisper but then when she got over the pressure of the moment she was 'Uncle Richard come n sit next to me':)

It was also really uplifting and motivating to be with a returned missionary full of the spirit and enthusiasm for sharing the gospel - I felt like I wanted a bit of it so I'm going to start reading preach my gospel and get more focused on my prayers - love it when you have an experience that rechargers you.

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