Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Quartet of Bank Holidays - I'm Lovin it!

Thanks to  ' a combination of events centered around the lunar cycle, the solar cycle, the division of each year into 365 days and a 1,700 year old Church ruling.' which determine the date of Easter (source and a certain Royal Wedding we have just enjoyed 4 Bank/public holidays in the space of 11 days. It's been great. Whoever decided that a working week should be 5 days long???

Bank Holiday 1 - April 22nd Good Friday

Newby Hall, Ripon.

Lovely hall with great gardens, enjoyed a picnic, train ride and digging in the sand. Highlight was watching Joseph in the fountains - Ben was a little unsure about being squirted with cool water.

Ben turning the minature train ride into a white knuckle ride for Daddy!
Whe did my boy get so grown up?

A great day was sealed with fish n’ chips and reading about what Jesus did for us on Good Friday. I’m so grateful for my saviour, for his atoning sacrifice which provides me with the possibilities of repenting of my many sins and returning to live with my Heavenly Father with my family.

Bank Holiday Numero Dos – April 25th
Mother Shipton’s  Cave – Knaresborough

After a lazy morning we set off to Knaresborough. Picked Aunty Caroline up from her flat which is only a mile or so away from this lovely market town and headed to Britain’s oldest attraction ‘ Mother Shipton’s Cave.
The woodland setting was really pretty and gave great views over the river to the houses built on the steep edge of the hill on which the town centre is built. We walked to find the infamous cave next to the Petrifying Well. The well was fascinating with the teddy bears, shoes hanging from its ridge and gradually being turned to stone (or petrified) due to the water falling on them having an extremely high mineral content. It apparently takes only 3 months for a bear to be ‘petrified’.

The Petrifying Well
So the well was unique and interesting however, the cave was a bit of a let-down. I had imagined a vast underground cave the reality was a small cave above ground with a model of Old Mother Shipton in the darkest corner – hey ho, been there seen that. The walk back on the other side of the river was lovely and Nathan and I will come back sometime for a boat ride on the river and to explore the castle on the hill.

Bank holiday Trois – April 29th The Royal Wedding.
Nathan went for a long walk in the Lake District with his Dad. Amy came over to help watch the boys as I went to do some early morning piano lessons and then to watch the Royal wedding between Kate and Will – now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate/Catherine/ Duchess of Cambridge looked absolutely stunning and it was nice to see how relaxed and genuinely happy they seemed together. Thanks for deciding to get married on this day so that we could benefit from this bumper run of public holidays.

Prince Joseph dressed up for his Royal banquet at school

Bank Holiday Four – May 2nd
The Childrens’ Festival, Harewood House

We decided fairly late on to head towards the Childrens’ Festival at Harewood House – best take advantage of the children being under four and therefore still free! We set off on the supposed 30 minute journey at 11:20. As soon as we came off the A1 we were embedded in a snail trail for the remaining 7 miles to Harewood. Fortunately the boys had already fallen asleep and remained so for the majority of the next 2 hours that it took to finally arrive. Nathan and I fought the urge to turn around and just give up. On arrival we weren’t entirely sure we’d made the right decision – it was heaving and many of the attractions had long queues and had additional fees. Any how we went and saw Peppa pig and George – the boys liked that.

Peppa or is it George - no it's Peppa!

 We tried to see Justin aka Mr Tumble doing his show but we were just too far back. We headed to the park but the crowds were there too, the numerous children crawling over the equipment looked like an army of ants. So we went to the bird gardens which were lovely. Thinking we should call it a day, we walked back up the hill only to find that the Roary the Racing car show was on the stage and we could get almost front row standing places.

At one point Joseph did a great littlle dance to the theme tune!

 The boys were happy and showed some great moves to the music. The Bob the Builder and Wendy show followed – success the entrance fee was becoming worth it!

Satisfied and in want of an ice-cream we made towards the Yorkshire Dales ice-cream van. Coming in the opposite direction was a group of security guards escorting Justin to his get a way car (golf buggy). Well in ‘Supermum’ style I set off at speed with Joseph is close pursuit to get a photo of him and I got a great one – just don’t want to imagine what I looked like?!!!

'I'm Justin!' (Must be said in correct Justin way!)
Admission totally worth it – got a photo of Justin J

So these bank holidays have been great – just so nice to spend lots of time as a family, total bonus that the weather has been fab – it’s so much easier to have a great time with great weather. Long, long may it continue.
Wonder when we’ll get 4 public holidays in 11 days again?

Photos to follow when I can be bothered to upload them for the third time - arrrrgh!

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